The Energy States. (E-States)

The condition that your life is in, is a reflection of your “E-State”.  Your E-State is your energy state and we categorize it as Super Energy Rich, Energy Rich, Energy Neutral and Energy Poor.  Your brain or mind will assemble the thoughts, emotions, and concepts that reflect your current E-State.  Your body and your life will mirror the E-State you are accessing at any given moment.

Our E-State is chosen both consciously and unconsciously.  It is a matter of conditioning on the part of our brain and nervous system.  We will unconsciously choose our E-State based on conditioning from our past; past trauma, past upsets, what we’ve been told, lead to believe, etc.   Sometimes these patterns are so much a part of us that they seem to be who we are.  As we progress in our healing journey, we will recognize the conditioning as the patterns we are trying to break, break through, release, let go of, and move to the other side of.  We become aware that they are holding us back from the life we seek.  The patterns or conditioning are choosing our E-State for us.  Our progress in healing puts us in the driver’s seat of our lives.

Throughout the course of our day we will experience different energy states depending on the events and circumstances we encounter.  Although we may be striving to be Super Energy Rich, due to conditioning in our nervous system we may subconsciously/unconsciously choose an energy state that is lower than what we want.

The E-States

Energy Poor – We are in Survival mode in life.

Energy Neutral – We seek the Status Quo for our life (comfort).

Energy Rich – We seek Progress in our life. (personal and spiritual growth)

Super Energy Rich – We condition the field within and around us with Love. (the energy of creation)

The energy states apply to our health, relationships, career, business, finance, life enjoyment and well-being.

"Super" Energy Rich

With Love, life just works, everything is, we are at peace as long as we can bring the love to our family, friends, community and humanity. 

energy rich

With Progress, everything in life is an opportunity.  Challenges, adversity, and breaking old patterns are all fuel for growth.  All aspects of your life THRIVE when we are seeking progress.

energy neutral

With Status Quo, we want everything to stay as it is, and when we have symptoms, we want to return to our previous energy neutral state; go back to the way it was… the problem is we expend so much energy maintaining things the way they are, so that our boat doesn’t get rocked by either a future event, or the experience of the past, (we must maintain a story about the past that keeps us in status quo) that there is hardly enough energy available for health, success and life enjoyment.  We will therefore look outside ourselves and either try to “fix” the problem or fill the void with material things, rather than looking inside for resourcefulness, fulfillment and life enjoyment. 

energy poor

In Survival mode, our life (health, business, relationship, etc.) as we know it quickly fails.  If we don’t make a change, soon, it’s over.