Andy Witt

For over 25 years my passion has been to help people to change their lives for the better. Being a 2nd generation chiropractor, I have been in chiropractic care my entire life. It was our families’ form of healthcare and I have adopted the same broad based philosophy in my own practice. I have witnessed that when the expression of the innate wisdom of the body is optimized, people are healthier and their lives are changed for the better in many ways.

In order to keep practice members progressing, my approach and my philosophy continually evolves. I have come to realize that if a person is internally strong, empowered and energy rich, they are less likely to be overwhelmed by the stresses and traumas of life. If they are not overwhelmed, they don’t go into defense physiology and don’t become subluxated. Being empowered and energy rich became the solution people needed for a healthy spine and a healthy body. I observed that the effects went beyond health to include enhanced performance at work, greater depth in relationships, and a change in how they see the world. Being more energy rich helped practice members see life through a different lens, where adversity becomes an opportunity for growth rather than something they need to defend themselves against. 

Helping individuals to be energy rich gives them an edge in life, not only in their health, but in their performance in all aspects of their lives. I have come to recognize that my greatest passion and contribution is to facilitate peak performance by helping people to be more empowered, resourceful and energy rich.  Gratefully, this allows me to share my greatest gifts with joy and enthusiasm.